It stretches on from the Kasei Valley to the Argyre Sea, from the rolling plains of Xanthe to the jagged peaks of Tharsis…

Once, this land served as a colony to a sprawling empire from across the stars. These Imperials brought civilization to a dead world, created life of all shapes and sizes and spread it all throughout the planet. They lived like gods in shining, floating places and craved worship and servitude from their creations.

They fled this land millennia ago, their palaces long buried beneath the red sands. And we, the creatures they left behind, we live, build, and thrive on the bones of their legacy.

This is the Crimson Verge; a land of petty fiefdoms, bizarre wonders, and harsh wilderness as far as the eye can see, where people fight to build a better world than what came before.

It attracts Masters from all over the planet; warriors, scholars, and artisans who practice the Imperial art of Flow manipulation to shape reality and perform feats beyond mortal reckoning. Many seek dominion and glory, others look for knowledge or treasure from lost Imperial palaces, and some just wish for the next stop in a long, dusty road. Their tales and battles across the Verge are legendary.

You are a Master, an adept of gun and blade, shaper of the Flow that breathes in all life. Where do you place yourself in this chaotic land? What legends do you leave behind? How does the world sunder at your wake?

Masters of the Crimson Verge